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Pandemic Decimates Entire Rabbit Population at Bokkie Park



rabbits at bokkie park wiped out by virus

The City of Ekurhuleni has officially acknowledged the unfortunate demise of all rabbits at Bokkie Park. The diminished rabbit population was initially observed, and subsequent investigations revealed an outbreak of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease (RHVD) in Morehill, Benoni, which ultimately spread to Bokkie Park by December 2023.

Zweli Dlamini, the metro spokesperson, highlighted the highly contagious and fatal nature of RHVD, noting its significant impact across various provinces in South Africa.

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In addressing the welfare of animals in the park, Dlamini reassured the public that all animals, including those at Bokkie Park, receive adequate care. Dismissing insufficient food and shelter allegations, he stated, “We always ensure that all animals have access to suitable food, shelter, and veterinary care.”

Dlamini emphasized that the number of farm animals at Bokkie Park has remained stable over the past year, with controlled breeding measures in place to manage the population within the park’s capacity. The city actively monitors the animal population, deploying a dedicated team to ensure their well-being. It is supported by sufficient budget allocation for care, including 24/7 access to veterinary services.


Source: Virus wipes out all Bokkie Park rabbits

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Picture: Unsplash / Aswathy N

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