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Gauteng Animal Advocacy Group Provides Updates on Safe Recovery of Timber Wolf



safe recapture

Gauteng-based animal group Absolute Exotics SA has disclosed the intricate details of the safe recapture of a Canadian timber wolf that escaped its enclosure in late December.

Responding promptly to reports of Logan’s disappearance on New Year’s Eve, Christo Myburgh from Absolute Exotics SA initiated a comprehensive recapture plan involving K9 dogs and later deploying drones when the initial search proved futile, as reported by IOL.

Working with local authorities and private security, the team monitored Logan’s movements. It recaptured him with minimal stress or harm following a sighting around 11 pm.

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On January 3, with guidance from a wildlife veterinarian, catching cages were strategically placed, leading to Logan’s secure recapture. In adherence to South African laws, Absolute Exotics SA collaborated with the local SPCA and NSPCA to ensure Logan’s safe return to their facility.


Given the circumstances, Logan has been temporarily relocated to the local SPCA. At the same time, his enclosure undergoes upgrades to suit his needs better. The organisation remains committed to following proper procedures, including neutering and micro-chipping Logan, who has now been placed under the rescue and re-homing program at Absolute Exotics SA.

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Picture: Facebook / Absolute Exotics SA

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