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Ramaphosa starts 2024 election campaign in KZN: ANC is the solution to your problems



President Cyril Ramaphosa launched his campaign to encourage voters to register and support the ANC in the 2024 national elections. Speaking to a crowd in KwaDukuza, he urged attendees to vote for the ANC and ensure the party’s continued leadership in KwaZulu-Natal and at the national level as reported by the Sowetan Live.

Ramaphosa acknowledged the challenges faced by South Africans and assured the crowd that their concerns were being heard.

He also emphasized the ANC government’s ability to deliver on its promises, citing housing, education, and social welfare successes.

While the article notes that Ramaphosa received applause for his assurance that the R350 social relief grant would not be discontinued, it maintains a neutral tone throughout. It simply reports on the statements made by the President.

Photo: Facebook / @Cyril Ramaphosa

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