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Beware: Protect Yourself from Falling Victim to the ‘Recovered’ Vehicle Scam



recovered vehicle scam

There is a “recovered vehicle scam” currently in circulation. Community members should be aware they will only receive communication from the investigating officer if their car has been recovered.

Boksburg North SAPS warns the public to avoid scams involving “recovered” vehicles, stating the police will never ask for money to release the vehicle.

According to Boksburg North SAPS station commander Colonel Mack Mngomezulu, a scam is doing the rounds where a person claiming to be a police officer informs the victim that their car has been recovered and that they have to pay money to get it back.

“The scamsters will, for example, phone the person and tell them their car has been recovered in another town or city and that they now have to pay money for them to get a tow truck to bring back their vehicle.

“The person will have all the details of the case at hand, including the case number and identity number of the victim.


“This is, however, a scam as members of the public will never be expected to pay anything to get their vehicle back. The person will later find out that their car has never been recovered.”

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Mngomezulu highlighted that the only person from the police who will be in contact with the victim about a recovered vehicle is the investigating officer.

“There are also procedures that will be followed after a car has been recovered, such as the person must come to identify the vehicle,” added Mngomezulu.

Mngomezulu said it is unclear where the people get the case details.


One of the victims that the scammers tried to extort money from, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Boksburg Advertiser that it sounded like the scammer had the docket before him.

The resident’s Toyota Fortuner was stolen in a street in the Boksburg North policing precinct on the afternoon of November 12 while he was attending a farewell.

“I arrived at about 12:30 and noticed just after 15:00 that my car was gone,” he explained.

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Bringing hope to the victim, a man who identified himself as Warrant Officer John Modise phoned him to say that three suspects were found in Barberton with his vehicle.


“Modise told me that the car must now be taken to the pound, but it’s not safe and things will disappear,” the victim added.

The man wanted to see the vehicle with his own eyes and told Modise he would go to Barberton.

“He responded that Boksburg was too far away and that he could not wait for me as he had to book the suspects who stole my vehicle. I then asked for a photo, which he couldn’t provide as they ‘are busy with the suspects’.

“However, he said he can bring the car to Boksburg when they detain the suspects if I pay R2 500.”

To find out if the car was recovered, the man phoned friends from Legendary Exclusive Protection, who warned him it was a scam.
“I phoned Modise back and told him that the car can stay in Barberton and never heard from him again.”


The police confirmed no Modise is working at the Boksburg North SAPS.

Source: Don’t become a victim of ‘recovered’ vehicle scam

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