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Reiger Park Residents: Living in Despair



reiger park residents

Reiger Park residents like Regina Kivido and Ragel van Rensburg face numerous challenges, reflecting a community struggling with despair and frustration. Kivido bemoans rampant illegal dumping, with her neighbourhood plagued by refuse at John Collins and Buttercup streets, worsening living conditions. Youth unemployment compounds the issue, leaving many aimless and without prospects.

Van Rensburg’s decades-long wait for a promised RDP house epitomises bureaucratic hurdles and unfulfilled promises. Despite her persistence, the dignified home she dreams of remains elusive, trapping her family in informal settlement hardships.

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Levert Hector and Christopher Goliath’s living situation in a public toilet symbolises the dire circumstances many endure due to poverty and unemployment. Their makeshift dwelling underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions to systemic neglect.

Despite these challenges, community leader Danny Cassell finds hope in residents’ resilience and solidarity. Despite service delivery failures and social ills, the community remains united, rallying around those in need.


As Reiger Park residents navigate daily struggles, their stories underscore the need for action to address entrenched inequalities and systemic failures. Despite adversity, their resilience and determination shine as they strive for a better future.

Source: REIGER PARK- Residents live in despair

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