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Huge Surge in Car Wheel and Tyre Theft Reported in Joburg Suburbs



wheel and tyre theft

It has recently come to notice that there has been a considerable escalation in car wheel and tyre theft in the western neighbourhoods of Johannesburg, consequently making the CPF worried. IOL reports that Honeydew Community Police Forum (CPF), which comprises areas Bromhof, Boskruin and Northgate, is among the local authorities that have noted a spike in car tyre theft lately. The crime spree has also spread to the suburbs of Johannesburg’s northwestern part (Randpark Ridge, Weltevredeng Park, and Florida). The CPF called attention to the fact that criminals often go for houses with low barriers to overcome, thus gaining fast and easy access. Nonetheless, there are times when the thieves remove rims from several cars that are parked at the same place.

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According to Michael Steyn, the public relations officer for the Honeydew Civic Forum, motorists parked outside at the edge of the road should be careful. Locking wheel nut suggestions and switching on outdoor lights at night are among the security suggestions in this regard. The CPF has indicated that in addition to taking away the vehicles of their victims, the criminals have been observed leaving the scenes of the robberies in getaway cars, which points to a syndicate large enough to cover all of the latest robberies.

The CPF has also successfully united with local security firms to address the issue. They stress reporting all instances of SAPS (SAPS) justifying the investigation. With the alarming rise of vehicle tyres and wheel thefts, it is only recommended that residents keep their eyes wide open and take necessary precautions to prevent and secure their vehicles and properties.

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