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Repair Plans in Progress for Larger of Two Robindale Sinkholes



The larger of the two sinkholes in Robindale will be repaired soon, JRA says.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has taken action regarding the sinkholes in Robindale. Specifically, one of the two sinkholes has been investigated, and plans are in progress to address the issue.

Of the two sinkholes, the larger one is at the intersection of George Street, Marion, and Kent Avenues. The other sinkhole is located at the corner of Gondola Avenue and Abbott Road.

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Concerns were raised by Ward 99 councillor Nicole van Dyk and resident Gavin Mack, who had reported the sinkholes to the Johannesburg Roads Agency multiple times since June 8, receiving no response.

In a prior article, Van Dyk and Mack emphasized the dangers these sinkholes pose to drivers and pedestrians, particularly highlighting the larger sinkhole due to its placement at a busy intersection where three roads converge.


Addressing the matter, JRA spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers disclosed that on August 14, the agency examined the larger sinkhole and identified road damage.

Peters-Scheepers stated, “The JRA depot inspected the sinkhole and the source was a leaking Joburg Water pipe that has been repaired. The JRA will be reinstating the section of the road shortly.”

However, she added that the repair process might be prolonged due to the need to address damage to the stormwater pipe. This necessary repair might cause a delay in road reinstatement.

Additionally, Peters-Scheepers affirmed that the sinkhole at Gondola Avenue and Abbott Road would also be investigated.

Source: Larger of 2 Robindale sinkholes to be repaired


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Photo: Supplied by Randburg Sun

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