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Community Members Discover Deceased Neighbour in the Middle of the Street



residents found their neighbour dead

In Tornado, residents found their neighbour dead on Lerutle Street on Thursday morning. The lifeless body of an elderly man was found just a street away from his home around 05:00. The exact duration the man had been in that state remains unclear. Early responders to the scene noted the presence of blood near the man’s head, seemingly originating from the back.

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Despite the blood at the scene, Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi reported no visible injuries on the victim’s body. The police have initiated an inquest docket to determine the cause.

The victim’s family is urging anyone with information to step forward and assist in shedding light on this unfortunate incident.

Source: Residents find neighbour dead in the middle of street


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Picture: PixabayJohn R Perry

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