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Terrifying surge in cable theft: residents north of Pretoria beware!



Residents in the north of Pretoria face increased cable theft

Residents in the north of Pretoria are facing increased cable theft, according to Ward 2 Councillor Dehan Harmse. Harmse has suggested that a copper cable syndicate is operating in the area, and the number of cable and water meter thefts in April has been “staggering”. This development has resulted in frequent power outages and damage to essential infrastructure. The thieves use load-shedding and the cover of darkness to steal cables and water meters. The local CPF is aware of the issue and is patrolling during load-shedding at night to combat the problem. Harmse has urged residents to be vigilant and report any information to the Tshwane metro police’s cable theft unit.

Deputy Chairperson for the Pretoria North CPF sector 2, Nikki de Jager, has emphasised the importance of community involvement in patrols to help cover every street in the north. In addition, a university student residing in Dorandia has reported that the prolonged outages due to cable theft have negatively impacted his studies.

Despite warnings to scrapyards not to buy illegally obtained cables, there always seems to be a scrapyard willing to do so, according to Harmse. This inaction makes it difficult to stop the syndicate. Although the Tshwane metro police have not responded to the comment, the CPF is doing everything possible to address the issue. Still, they require more residents to join patrols to help combat the problem.

Source: North of Pta ‘under siege’ by cable thieves, says councillor

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Picture:Facebook / TshwaneMetroPoliceDepartment

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