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Restaurant Offers a Menu of Everything Except Sleep



Restaurant Offers a Menu of Everything Except Sleep

Vanessa Santangelo, a resident of Fernridge Estate in Dainfern, has been grappling with noise issues emanating from a recently opened restaurant at Dainfern Square. Despite trying various methods to combat the disturbance, she cannot enjoy peaceful sleep, often staying awake until the early morning hours. The noise primarily occurs between Thursday and Monday, as La Parada, a restaurant that reportedly transforms into a nightclub at night, hosts loud patrons, screeching cars, and pounding music.

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Santangelo emphasises the intensity of the noise, stating that it can be felt in one’s chest. Living just 200 meters away from the shopping center, the relentless noise poses a significant problem. Her attempts to block out the disturbance by watching television have proven futile, as the music and screaming patrons are located outside the club, allowing sound waves to travel freely.

The lack of quality sleep affects her daily routine, as she needs to wake up early for work. Despite numerous complaints to the restaurant’s management, no satisfactory solution has been reached.

Carlos Rodrigues, another resident, echoes her sentiments and expresses concern for his daughter, who is still studying. The noise issue has persisted for four months, prompting Rodrigues to contact Dainfern Shopping Center’s management, the JMPD, and La Parada directly. His email highlights the excessive loud music, boisterous patrons, and vehicle noise. However, attempts to contact the restaurant’s management resulted in phone disconnections.


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The situation raises questions about whether La Parada operates within the bounds of its lease agreement and if Dainfern Shopping Center has proper nightclub rights. While centre management acknowledged the complaint and promised to follow up with La Parada, residents remain frustrated by the ongoing disturbance.

Xolani Fihla of the JMPD notes that they typically respond to noise complaints by issuing warnings and would consult with the environmental health department for cases exceeding permissible noise levels. Environmental health has the equipment to measure noise levels and may issue notices to reduce noise or impound sound systems when necessary.

Source: Restaurant serves all dishes besides sleep

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