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Police Warn Public: Scammers and Fraudsters on the Rise



scammers and fraudsters are on the rise

The Benoni Police Station warned that scammers and fraudsters are on the rise. The government has noted an increase in reported fraud cases, warning the public to be cautious with their financial dealings and internet data to avoid being targets of the criminal network. The criminals’ tactics include creating fake online stores and pretending to be a bank representative. Captain Nomsa Sekele, the Police station’s spokesperson, highlights the necessity of being sceptical when one comes across what appears to be a deal of a lifetime, usually on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

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Recent incidents involve:

  • Cases where innocent individuals are being conned.
  • Making them victims of fraud.
  • Money loss.
  • Banking information theft.

Sekele encourages people to be cautious and immediately report any suspicious activity and avoid giving out personal details when receiving calls, hence helping to reduce the chance of being a victim of fraud.

Source: Scammers and fraudsters are on the prowl, warn police

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