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Tshwane’s First Deputy Mayor Faces Impending Verdict in Fraud Case



fraud case in Tshwane

Amid ongoing investigations into a fraud case in Tshwane, the fate of the city’s first official deputy mayor hangs in the balance despite her reimbursement of R10,000 to the metro. The investigation, spearheaded by city manager Johann Mettler, is set to conclude by the end of February, as confirmed during a media briefing on the city’s financial matters. Mayor Cilliers Brink emphasised the need to tighten systems and controls within the metro, particularly in acquisition and stock management processes. Brink expressed satisfaction with Dr Nasiphi Moya’s decision to repay the funds, citing it as a positive step amid the ongoing probe into allegations against her.

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Despite Moya’s reimbursement, the investigation into her actions continues, with allegations stemming from a subsistence allowance received for an unfulfilled trip to West Asia. Moya’s repayment comes after claims by the EFF of fraudulent activities, prompting heightened scrutiny and a commitment to transparency in the investigation process. The ongoing investigation is part of the city’s efforts to address corruption and ensure accountability within its administration.

Meanwhile, the EFF in Tshwane has vowed to await the investigation report and indicated plans to escalate the matter to relevant authorities if necessary. As the investigation progresses, the city braces for potential outcomes that could impact its leadership and governance structures.

Source: VIDEO: Decision over fraud case looms for Tshwane’s first official deputy mayor

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Picture: Meta / Cilliers Brink

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