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Police Seize Vapes, Dagga, and Cigarettes in Ekurhuleni School Raid



school in Ekurhuleni

In a surprise move, police swooped in on a school in Ekurhuleni and found drugs, including weed, cigarettes and vapes, from some of the students. According to IOL, the initiative spearheaded by the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD), which works with the South African Police and Gauteng Crime Prevention Wardens, seeks to stamp out violence, gangsterism, and bullying in schools. Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa, spokesperson for the EMPD, opined that the raid and physical search on learners at Dalpark Secondary School in Brakpan yielded positive reports.

The community police forum, the Crime Prevention Wardens, the SAPS, and the social crime prevention unit officers are conducting surprise school visits with Thepa to promote safer school environments. These unannounced visits intend to address problems like bullying, gangsterism, and drug abuse. At Dalpark Secondary School, all students underwent sudden physical searches, leading to unearthing a wide variety of banned items.

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“Among the sinister items discovered were sharp scissors, vape pipes, one ziplock packet dagga, two ready-made dagga puffs, cigarettes, and boxes of matches,” Thepa wrote. The Brakpan station got the confiscated contraband, whereas the learners got an education on the dangers and consequences of drug use. The EMPD recognised the collective work of law enforcement agencies to curb the circulation of controlled substances towards the school premises.

Like the other raids that took place earlier, law enforcement officials confiscated the restricted materials from different schools in Ekurhuleni. Last year, during a police raid at Brakpan Primary School, they took away sharp scissors and dagga from learners. At Dowerglen Secondary School, searches were also conducted in scholar transport vehicles, which revealed various contraband items, such as dagga, scissors, e-cigarettes, and condoms. These raids also demonstrate the preparedness of those in power to protect the learners in that region.


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