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Fresh Measures Introduced to Combat Human Trafficking



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With growing complaints about human trafficking in South Africa, with the country as well featured on the warning list of the United States, the officials in Cape Town are increasingly taking actionable steps to solve those problems and combat human trafficking. The dire state was recently stirred by Alderman JP Smith, who is the deputy mayor for safety and security when he said that about 1300 children go missing every month, which was according to Missing Children South Africa.

As per The 2023 Trafficking in Persons: South Africa Report, the human rights report indicated that among the heinous offences were cover-ups by both the police and immigration officers, whose collusion made it impossible for the seeming operations of the traffickers and organised syndicates to be equally disturbing. The individuals and organisations are involved in the business of 10-year-old girls’ sex trafficking, with some brothels realising their activities openly with the consent of the officials.

The critique also lies in the SAPS’s crucial lack of capacity to start investigations and facilitate operations on time. Lapses can occur upon reporting a person missing to the SAPS FCA unit (Family Violence, Child Protection, and Sexual Offences). The SOP entails the authorities in Cape Town devising a mechanism to address these areas.

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The overall object of SOP involves:

  • Adequately protecting potential crime scenes.
  • Collecting information through different channels, such as interviews with the suspects.
  • Subsequent communication with all available organisation resources.

Moreover, it established a Joint Operations Centre of the Search Party Committee to coordinate effectively locating the disappearing persons.

Following SAPS’s standardised procedures within the investigative docket and including relevant officials in this area, we seek to reduce human trafficking by improving response times and investigative efficiency, eventually making the community safer and more secure.

Source: New measures to be implemented to combat human trafficking

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Picture: Meta / South African Police Service


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