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GP Education Department Claims School Principal Shooting by 13-Year-Old Learner Was Planned on WhatsApp



school shooting was planned

The Primrose Primary School shooting was planned, according to preliminary investigations by the Gauteng Education Department, which revealed discussions on WhatsApp leading up to the incident. Last week, a 13-year-old shot the principal after he instructed pupils to gather in the foyer and take out their workbooks to study, as reported by EWN. Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane visited the school earlier on Monday, addressing learners and highlighting the importance of respecting teachers while ensuring their safety. Chiloane expressed dismay and shock over the shooting last week, prompting the department to provide psycho-social services to those affected.

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He disclosed that the arrested pupil was part of a WhatsApp group with other learners where they allegedly discussed the shooting. Chiloane reported that the principal, identified as Mr Selepe, is recovering in the hospital and is expected to survive the shooting. He also expressed hope for the arrest of the learner’s parents for their alleged negligence.

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Picture: Pexels / Somchai Kongkamsri

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