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Randburg Court Shooting Victims Identified as Witnesses: SAPS Investigates



shooting at randburg court

A man and a woman lost their lives in a shocking shooting at Randburg Court. According to eNCA, it recently came to light that they are key witnesses in a police assault case. Both victims, foreign nationals, met a fatal end just metres from the court premises. Their importance in the case dates back to a 2018 incident when four police officers allegedly assaulted them while they were in police custody; one of them was being held for a house robbery.

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The victims’ death presents a significant challenge for the prosecution. These individuals played an essential role as witnesses in the case against the accused officers. The trial’s future is now uncertain, especially with the primary complainant and another witness no longer among the living. A decision regarding the case’s progression is scheduled for November 23.

The police have initiated various actions. They have seized the cellphones and firearms of the four officers linked to the case. Additionally, the officers are undergoing thorough gunpowder residue testing as part of a comprehensive investigation into this tragic event.

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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