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Craig Lucas and The Kiffness Fall Victim to Robberies in Separate Incidents



Craig Lucas and The Kiffness robbed

In separate incidents, South African artists Craig Lucas and The Kiffness, also known as David Scott, experienced unfortunate encounters involving theft.

Craig Lucas, the winner of ‘The Voice SA’ season 2, faced a life-threatening situation as he fell victim to a robbery at gunpoint in Thornton, Cape Town. A car pulled up in front of him while he awaited assistance for a flat tyre. Initially, Lucas believed they were coming to help, but instead, they robbed him, even brandishing a firearm. Lucas shared on Instagram that he pleaded with them not to shoot him, and thankfully, they spared his life. However, the thieves took his phone and altered his email and Apple ID passwords. Consequently, he could not track or erase the phone without access to his account, leading to concerns about potential impersonation. Lucas mentioned his ongoing efforts to regain access to his accounts, which could take up to two days.

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Meanwhile, The Kiffness, represented by David Scott, experienced the theft of their equipment in Detroit, United States, resulting in the cancellation of a show. Scott expressed his disappointment, revealing that their tour van was broken into, along with several other vehicles, even in a secure parking space. Their gear was stolen, forcing them to improvise and possibly make alternative arrangements for the upcoming performance. Additionally, there was an alarming incident involving their merchandise guy, who encountered an individual attempting to steal the keys. Although the situation disrupted their plans and prevented them from performing in Detroit, they actively addressed the challenges while apologising to their fans for the cancellation and ensuring refunds for those who had purchased tickets.

Source: Craig Lucas and The Kiffness robbed in separate incidents


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Picture: X / GistJunction & TheKiffness

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