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Gunfire Erupts at Woodhill Golf Club, Shaking Pretoria’s Affluent Estate



shooting incident at Woodhill Golf Club

A shooting incident at Woodhill Golf Club has left the community in disbelief. Resident Cedric Kabeya is now facing charges of attempted murder and common assault after an altercation at the upscale Woodhill Residential Estate.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening, leading to the arrest of the 36-year-old resident. According to police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, Kabeya reportedly had a confrontation with a group of people at the club, during which he assaulted one man and shot the security manager in the hand.

Woodhill Residential Estate and Country Club CEO Alan Hargroves addressed the incident in a letter to residents, members, and customers. Expressing regret for the unsavoury episode, Hargroves assured the community that legal actions would be taken against the perpetrators.

In the letter, Hargroves stated, “Charges have been laid, and arrest warrants issued. We are pursuing all legal steps and assure our residents that this abhorrent behaviour will not be tolerated.”

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He added that the floor manager, injured while attempting to appease the aggressor, is wished a speedy recovery. Hargroves emphasised that the incident was isolated and stringent actions would be taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

A concerned resident, wishing to remain anonymous, confirmed that the security manager has been discharged and is now recuperating. Cedric Kabeya appeared in the Pretoria magistrate’s court on Tuesday to seek bail, denying wrongdoing. In his defence, he claimed self-defence, stating that the employee intended to assault him with a bottle, causing the injury.

The court set the bail amount at R5,000 and ordered Kabeya to stay away from the estate until it finalised the case. The court has postponed the matter to November 28.

Source: Shooting incident at Woodhill Golf Club rocks Pretoria’s affluent estate

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Picture: Facebook / Woodhill Residential Estate & Country Club

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