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Residents Stranded Without Water and Power Due to Centurion Sinkhole



sinkhole in Centurion

A sinkhole in Centurion that appeared overnight in Burger Street has left nearby residents without water and power.

Residents have resorted to queuing for water from tankers for drinking, cooking, and sanitation purposes.

Local ward councillor David Farquharson mentioned the water situation had worsened due to an ongoing strike, making repairs challenging.

The metro plans to deploy water tankers to the area daily, but the estimate for resolving the water issue remains uncertain.

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Power outages have also plagued the area, attributed mainly to cable theft, leaving residents frustrated.

Continuous water and electricity challenges have left residents paying for services while facing disruptions.

Some residents expressed frustration over the inadequate provision of water tankers that don’t cater to those at work during the day.

Farquharson suggested community members collect water for their neighbours as efforts to address the crisis continue.

Source: Centurion sinkhole leaves residents without water, power


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