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You Won’t Believe What Happened When Somizi Withdrew His Case Against Mohale! Shocking Court Order Revealed!



Somizi Mhlongo has withdrawn his court case against Mohale Motaung, and the Johannesburg High Court has ordered him to pay his ex-husband’s legal fees. According to Briefly SA News Today, The two public figures had taken each other to court to resolve their tumultuous divorce, sparked by allegations of abuse by Mohale against Somizi. While Mohale initially suggested mediation to resolve their differences without involving the court, Somizi insisted on going to court. However, Somizi has now had a change of heart and no longer wishes to air their private matters in public.

Following Somizi’s withdrawal from the case, many in Mzansi celebrate on behalf of Mohale, who faced significant bullying and humiliation when he first made his allegations. Given his suffering, some have speculated that Mohale may have grounds to sue for emotional damages. Meanwhile, previous reports have suggested that the divorce case may continue. Somizi has made allegations of abuse against Mohale, and both parties have been preparing for a potentially ugly legal battle.

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Picture: Facebook / City Press

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