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South African Dancer Musa Motha Sparkles on Britain’s Got Talent



Musa Motha

Musa Motha, a gifted dancer from Sebokeng, has made waves on the latest season of Britain’s Got Talent, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and etching his name in history. Motha’s remarkable journey of resilience and determination has become a worldwide inspiration.

Facing a devastating setback at a young age, Motha lost his left leg to cancer, shattering his dreams of becoming a professional football player. However, Motha’s unwavering spirit led him to discover a new passion: dance.

“After my amputation, I developed a deep love for music. Watching my friends dance, I approached them to teach me their moves,” Motha shared with the judges during his audition.

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Despite the physical challenges, Motha persevered and ingeniously used his left crutch to substitute his missing leg, embarking on his path as a dancer.


This past weekend, Motha graced the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, leaving both judges and the audience in awe with his extraordinary performance.

His routine touched hearts, evoking tears from judges and spectators alike. But then, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause, insisting that Motha deserved the coveted golden buzzer.

In a historic moment for the show, all four judges joined forces in unanimously awarding Motha the golden buzzer, showering him with golden confetti. The overwhelming reaction from the audience left everyone speechless.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges, expressed, “I have never, ever heard a reaction like that in my life.”

Watch the performance here:


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Source: South African dancer Musa Motha shines on Britain’s Got Talent

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Photo: Facebook / @Musa Motha

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