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South Africa’s Green and Gold Fever Ahead of Rugby World Cup Final



South Africa's Green and Gold Fever Ahead of Rugby World Cup Final

South Africans of all backgrounds are embracing Rugby World Cup fever, adorning themselves in Springbok jerseys and creating a palpable sense of excitement in Johannesburg ahead of the final. Springbok jerseys are flying off the shelves, with even sportswear stores running out of stock within hours. Support for the Springboks has become a unifying moment in the nation since Nelson Mandela backed the team in 1995, transcending historical divides. Siya Kolisi’s leadership in 2019 further strengthened support, especially among young black South Africans. This year, the hope of a repeat victory is fuelling a green and gold frenzy as reported by ENCA.

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As the Springboks face the All Blacks in the final, South Africans from all walks of life are displaying their passion for the sport. Even a kindergarten’s show features children dressed in national colours, waving rugby balls while singing rugby anthems. However, some fans seeking official merchandise have fallen victim to online scams. Social media is also playing a significant role, with many defending Springbok hooker Bongi Mbonambi against allegations of racial slurs. The World Cup has become a unifying force in the nation’s history, bringing together people of different ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. Community venues, like the Pirates Club, expect large turnouts for the final, signalling a sense of unity and celebration in a nation facing various challenges recently, including the COVID-19 pandemic and energy crises.

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