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South Crest Residents Association Takes Matters into Their Own Hands to Repair Potholes



South Crest Residents Association fixes potholes

In their ongoing commitment to road safety, the South Crest Residents Association (SCRA), under the leadership of Hennie Grobler, Leopold Dussing, and Dewald van der Westhuizen, took proactive measures to repair two sizable potholes on Rand Airport Road during the early hours of October 28.

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These potholes had been responsible for numerous blown tires and vehicle damage on the busy road. Deidre de Carvalho of the SCRA emphasised that this road section’s perilous condition warranted immediate action, and repairing these two substantial potholes will significantly enhance road safety in the area.

Source: South Crest Residents Association fix potholes

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Picture: Supplied by SCRA

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