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Spark Schools Soweto Among Top Three Schools Worldwide



Spark Schools Soweto Among Top Three Schools Worldwide

In an exciting announcement early today issued by Spark Schools, T4 Education unveiled its list of the top three schools worldwide for 2023. SPARK Soweto, an independent educational institution, proudly secured a spot in the Community Collaboration category as reported by South Africa Good News.

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Located in Johannesburg, SPARK Soweto’s achievement is attributed to its collaborative approach to creating a nurturing village for its young students, firmly grounded in SPARK’s core principles: Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility, and Kindness.

Stacey Brewer, Co-founder and CEO of SPARK Schools, expressed profound gratitude and humility for the recognition, emphasising that this accomplishment stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of the entire school community, including scholars, teachers, staff, parents, and supporters. The commitment remains resolute in pursuing excellence in education and ensuring every student realises their full potential. This prestigious nomination serves as an inspiration to aspire to even greater heights and continue positively impacting the lives of students and society

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SPARK Soweto, which commenced operations in January 2019, represents the 20th school within the expansive SPARK Schools network. Situated in the western region of Soweto, it has rapidly garnered recognition for its innovative and collaborative educational approach.

Earlier this year, T4 Education, in collaboration with Templeton World Charity Foundation, Accenture, and American Express, unveiled its top contenders for 2023 across five significant categories: Community Collaboration, Environmental Action, Innovation, Overcoming Adversity, and Supporting Healthy Lives. SPARK Soweto’s distinction in the Community Collaboration category further underscores its commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment for its students.

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