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The Inaugural Oktoberfest Celebration in Pretoria



The Inaugural Oktoberfest Celebration in Pretoria

Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria played host to a monumental gathering as thousands of individuals flocked to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Pretoria’s original Oktoberfest.

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Anja Schlüter, representing Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria, emphasised the event’s profound significance, as it serves as a custodian of the rich heritage of German culture and plays a pivotal role as a fundraiser for the school.

This unforgettable celebration, a unique fusion of German authenticity and the vibrant African spirit unfolded on the school grounds on September 15th and 16th. Beneath the expansive African sky, a staggering turnout of over 10,000 enthusiastic participants converged to savour the incomparable joy of the Oktoberfest experience. Schlüter noted that the festivities catered to diverse age groups, offering entertainment for kids and teenagers, including games, rides, and engaging activities.

A standout feature of the event was the mesmerising music, courtesy of the renowned Innkreis Buam Oompah Band, who graced the main stage all the way from Europe. Their soul-stirring beats of authentic oompah music resonated through the atmosphere, creating an unforgettable musical journey. Local sensation Velvet Sounds Oompah Band also added their unique charm to the musical lineup.


The culinary offerings at Oktoberfest tantalised taste buds with an array of delectable German dishes, from traditional eisbein and kassler to schnitzel and bockwurst, ensuring a gastronomic delight for every palate.

Refreshments flowed freely, with specially crafted brews such as the Oktoberfest Pilsener and Castle Light, complemented by an impressive selection of beverages, including Stella Artois Lager, Hoegaarden White Ale, Leffe Authentic Abbey Beer, and a variety of independent craft brews.

The event also embraced elements of royalty and tradition, with the presence of the 2023 Oktoberfest Queen, Imke van der Walt, accompanied by her two princesses, Nadja Aaron and Dinaledi Letwaba. Their presence embodied the spirit of unity and cultural exchange, adding an elegant touch to the festivities.

In the spirit of excitement, Oktoberfest awarded over R100,000 worth of raffle prizes, including a sponsored inverter from ANH Technologies, further enhancing the celebration’s vibrancy.

The event is delivered with traditional delights like Brezel and Lebkuchen for those seeking authentic treats and souvenirs. Additionally, market stalls offered a captivating array of souvenir hats, shirts, and other mementoes, providing attendees with a lasting connection to this remarkable celebration of German culture.


Source: Pretoria’s original Oktoberfest

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Photo: Supplied by Rekord

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