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Emergency Response Hindered: Ambulance Damaged in N4 Spiking Incident



spiking incident

An ambulance was damaged in a spiking incident on the N4 while responding to a life-threatening callout. Paramedics reported the incident near the Rosslyn offramp, highlighting the concerning trend of spiking incidents on major roads. ProMed spokesperson Micheal Gough expressed grave concern, emphasising the severity of the damage incurred by the emergency vehicle. Fortunately, no harm befell the paramedics involved, but Gough issued a cautionary advisory, urging the public to exercise caution, especially when travelling at night.

The escalation of spiking incidents in and around Pretoria has prompted heightened vigilance from both law enforcement and community groups. Colonel Noxolo Kweza of the Gauteng police disclosed the deployment of a SAPS Highway Patrol Unit to bolster security on national and provincial roads. Additionally, all SAPS-marked vehicles now conduct blue light patrols at night to enhance visibility and deter criminal activity.

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Reports from victims underscore a disturbing new tactic employed by criminals to coerce motorists into stopping on highways. These perpetrators resort to extreme measures, including throwing spikes from moving vehicles to immobilise unsuspecting drivers. Recent incidents, such as the one involving Lize Swanepoel on the Platinum N4 highway, have resulted in significant damage and potential danger to motorists.

Identified spiking hotspots in and around Pretoria include various routes and highways where motorists are advised to remain vigilant. Motorists are urged not to stop if they suspect they have fallen victim to spiking, especially during nighttime travel. Instead, they should proceed cautiously to the nearest safe location, such as a garage or police station.


Previous spiking incidents targeted specific areas and roads, prompting authorities to issue warnings and heighten surveillance. These efforts aim to safeguard motorists and deter criminal activities that endanger lives and disrupt travel on vital transportation routes.

Source: Ambulance damaged in spiking plague incident on N4

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Picture: Facebook / ProMed


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