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Leon Schuster’s Health Update: Second Operation Leaves Comedian in Distress



Leon Schuster

Comedian Leon Schuster shared that he was “not in a good place” following a second surgery after he fell at his house while still recovering from the first surgery. Schuster is recognised for his pranks. As per IOL, he underwent initial surgery in August 2023 after falling from a van during the filming of ‘Mr Bones 3’. Afterwards, the 72-year-old entertainer underwent extensive physiotherapy to regain mobility.

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In an interview with YOU, Schuster disclosed that his recovery faced a setback after he experienced another fall. “I’ve been through a rough patch, man, through absolute hell. I’m a bit depressed,” he expressed, reflecting on the ordeal that has lasted almost ten months since his first back surgery. Schuster recounted the second fall, describing waking up confused and disoriented, leading to the unfortunate incident. He emphasised the excruciating pain he endured, expressing gratitude amidst his challenges.

“I’m not in a good place, but I’m in a grateful place,” he remarked, highlighting his determination to maintain a positive outlook. Schuster, now relying on a walking stick, revealed the gravity of the situation, noting the dire consequences if he experienced another fall. According to reports, Schuster is slated for another operation but must first lose 15kg to minimise potential complications. “The doctor told me he can only take away 50% of my pain,” Schuster shared, reflecting on the delicate nature of the upcoming procedure and the uncertainty surrounding his health and recovery.

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