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Joburg Water Reminds Residents that Water Restrictions are Still in Place



watering the garden - stage one water restrictions

Despite earlier reports, Joburg Water has announced that stage one water restrictions are still in place across Gauteng. Although reservoirs have filled with up to 60% capacity, the summer heat can still strain water systems.

As a result, citizens must adhere to level one restrictions every year from 1 September until 31 March. The water restrictions mean residents must not use hosepipes between 06h00 and 18h00.

The Importance of Stage One Water Restrictions

Watering restrictions are in place to help conserve water during periods of drought. For example, only allowing residents to do their watering for two hours per day helps to reduce the strain. Reduced usage also ensures that there is enough water for everyone. In addition, you can stop evaporation and loss of water due to heat when you water in the early morning and late in the afternoon.

So there you have it! Johannesburg’s reservoirs are looking healthy at the moment. But stage one water restrictions are still in place to help conserve our precious resources. So be sure to adhere to the regulations to enjoy a healthy and green city!

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Picture credit: Steve DiMatteo / Unsplash



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