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Yet Another Fire Incident Strikes Johannesburg CBD



another fire in the Joburg CBD

There was another fire in the Joburg CBD, making headlines.

According to SABC News, this latest event unfolded when a fire erupted in a block of flats in Hillbrow in the afternoon.

Firefighters swiftly moved into action, successfully containing the fire to a single floor and ultimately extinguishing the blaze.

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Tragically, in August, the city was struck by a devastating fire that claimed the lives of 77 individuals, most of whom were foreign nationals. This catastrophic incident occurred within an illegally occupied building located in Marshalltown. Remarkably, it is believed to be one of the deadliest fires in the history of South Africa, with a heartbreaking toll of 12 children among the victims.


Xolile Khumalo, the spokesperson for Johannesburg Emergency Services, provided details of the recent incident. He stated, “Firefighters were able to promptly extinguish the fire before it could spread to other floors. No injuries were reported during this call. A one-bedroom flat on the 6th floor was the only apartment affected. The City of Johannesburg is urging all residents to look after all electrical appliances and make sure that they are switched off after use.”

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Picture: Facebook / Calvin Dludla Dludla

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