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Magistrates Commission: Suspended Magistrates Exploit Delay Tactics for Years Before Dismissal



suspended magistrates

The Magistrates Commission has revealed to Parliament that delay tactics are behind the prolonged earning of salaries by suspended magistrates, often lasting for years until their removal from office.

According to the EWN, magistrates facing disciplinary action for misconduct frequently challenge the process, including resorting to legal action, leading to significant delays.

The select committee on justice discussed the case of Desmond Nair, the suspended chief magistrate of Pretoria. He faces corruption charges for his alleged ties to the state capture company Bosasa.

The commission expressed difficulty finding available judges to preside over disciplinary matters promptly, exacerbating the delays in resolving these cases.

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Maritshane Finger, Secretary of the Magistrates Commission, provided an update on Nair’s case, revealing that the process has been stalled for over two years due to various legal manoeuvres, including an unusual application for absolution from instance.

Instances of misconduct among suspended magistrates range from running Ponzi schemes to serious criminal charges like rape and threatening journalists, further complicating the disciplinary process.

The select committee on justice emphasized the need for expeditious resolutions to these cases, mainly due to their significant financial implications for the fiscus.

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