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Law Firm Investigates Drownings of Learners



independent law firm

The Gauteng Department of Education had on April 16 proposed that there would be an investigation conducted by an independent law firm over the drowning of the learners from Daveyton Skills School during a camp at Pretoria on April 15.

The two boys, 14 and 17 years old, were fatally injured when joining the Rising Stars Generation NGO for the Pretoria-based adventurous camp at Rock Falls Adventure Ranch in Centurion.

The MEC of Education, Matome Chiloane, spoke to the school’s media, emphasising that investigating the unfortunate occurrence needs to probe the surrounding circumstances.

Chiloane declared that when advisory firms made suggestions in the past, the Department of Public Works always followed them, which would also be done in the current case.

He mentioned the preliminary investigative notions indicating that the school district did not authorise the trip and failed to ensure adequate supervision on the race day, with just one social worker supervising 90 pupils.


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Chiloane validly addressed different problems of accountability; he assured that the inside investigation reports could form the basis of action and the external reports from the law firm could guide further.

Offering his concern over the continuous occurrence of repeated incidents, Chiloane then urged schools to consider the safety of learners during excursions, including, but not limited to, ensuring proper risk assessment and preventive measures are taken.

The department head stressed that school trips should not rely solely on consent or indemnity forms; proactive measures should be implemented to minimise risks from all corners.

On the other hand, Chiloane restated that all comprehensive protocols should be implemented. On the contrary, leaders who do not follow safety standards should be punished.


With comprehensive investigations underway, the focus is on preventing any further occurrence while ensuring the students’ well-being and security during the activities involving learners.

Source: Law firm to probe learners’ drownings

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Picture: Meta / Kasie FM News 97.1


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