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Shocking confession – Local mom of three admits to murdering boyfriend in cold blood!



Judge Mdalana-Mayisela postponed the Swartbooi case

Joanne Swartbooi came before the Johannesburg High Court on May 2, where she pleaded guilty to the charges against her. She faces charges of murder and defeating the ends of justice after killing Timothy Jacobs with a cricket bat and burning his body. Swartbooi, an Eden Park mother of three, admitted to the court that she killed her boyfriend, the biological father of her children, on October 31, 2021.

In a statement read out by her defence, Swartbooi explained that on the morning of the incident, the deceased was in the company of his cousin, and they were drinking alcohol. She became suspicious that he was involved in another relationship, so she took his phone to check his messages. She found out that he was communicating with the mother of his child. When the deceased asked her to get his clothes ready because he was leaving with his cousin, she refused because she was upset after discovering the messages.

According to Swartbooi, the deceased pushed her against the wall and told her she was useless. Then, he left the premises with his cousin without telling her where they were going. He returned home at midnight while Swartbooi was asleep with the children. He was drunk and making noise. He fell on top of her, and she pushed him away from her, but he continued to swear. They then wrestled until they reached their bedroom.

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Once inside the bedroom, the scuffle stopped. Swartbooi took a cricket bat intending to assault Jacobs because she was still angry at him. She hit him on the head with the bat, causing him to fall on the bed. She left Jacobs on the bed to check on her child, who was sick and crying. When she returned, she tried to wake him up, but she noticed he was bleeding from the head and was dead. She admitted that the intention was to injure him, but she expected that striking him on the head with the cricket bat may result in his death.


Swartbooi reconciled herself to that realization and became scared after noticing that the deceased had passed away. She burned the deceased’s body and concealed the evidence. The court found her guilty on both counts, and the State advocate accepted her guilty plea. The presiding judge postponed her matter to June 13 for sentencing proceedings. She remains in custody.

Source: Local mother of three pleads guilty to killing her boyfriend

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