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Breaking News: Sydney in the Grip of an Unprecedented Heatwave – Temperatures Skyrocketing to Over 30C°



Sydney's temperatures soared above 30C° for four consecutive days in March

Sydney has made history with a new weather record as temperatures soared above 30C° for four consecutive days in March, which has not occurred in 165 years. As reported by Daily Mail Online, a low-intensity heatwave spreads across the region, causing high temperatures, with Penrith expected to swelter in the 40C° heat. At the same time, weather forecasts predict that Richmond and Blacktown will reach 39C°.

The Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist, Felim Hannify, confirmed that the last time Sydney experienced such high temperatures in March was in 1878, with temperatures above 30C° recorded for three consecutive days. However, Hannify also warned that there could be isolated gusty thunderstorms with little or no rainfall, exacerbating already elevated fire dangers due to the region’s ongoing hot, dry conditions.

However, residents can expect a change with a wet weather forecast to pick up again soon. While central and western parts of the state will continue to see high temperatures, forecasts predict rain for the coming week.

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Picture:  Photo by madeleine ragsdale on Unsplash

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