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You Won’t Believe How Much This Rare BMW Sold for at a Cape Town Auction!



1987 BMW 333i with 98,000km mileage sells for over 1mil at auction

Over the weekend, an auction held by Creative Rides in Cape Town saw fierce bidding wars over rare and iconic cars. As reported by IOL, one particular vehicle, a white 1987 BMW 333i with 98,000km mileage, drew significant attention before the auction and ultimately sold for an impressive R1.255 million. This sale, to our knowledge, was the first BMW ‘Gusheshe’ to fetch more than R1 million in South Africa, surpassing the R900,000 brought by a mint condition 325i S at a Johannesburg auction last year.

The 333i was a unique invention of BMW South Africa, which could not market the first-generation M3 as BMW only built in left-hand drive. The local division collaborated with Alpina in Germany to overcome this challenge to create the 333i. This model was powered by the 3.2-litre straight-six engine found in the 7 Series, and BMW only produced 200 ever. Due to the size of the machine, customers had to choose between air conditioning and power steering. The limited production and unique design of the 333i have contributed to its appeal and rarity for collectors and enthusiasts.

Check out the video below:

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