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Taxi Association and E-Hailing Drivers to Convene for Meeting



The ongoing feud between minibus taxis and e-hailing drivers shows no signs of resolution as tensions escalate. In a recent incident believed to be orchestrated by taxi drivers, several e-hailing vehicles were set ablaze in Soweto, adding fuel to the already raging conflict as reported by ENCA.

On Tuesday, e-hailing drivers resorted to blocking roads in a bid to disrupt operations at the Protea Glen shopping centre, intensifying the power struggle between the two groups.

In an effort to address this contentious issue and explore potential solutions, representatives from the taxi association, e-hailing drivers, and Gauteng transport officials are scheduled to convene a meeting on Wednesday. The meeting aims to foster dialogue and find a way forward to alleviate the mounting tensions and restore harmony within the transportation sector.

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The confrontation between these two factions has raised concerns about the safety and security of e-hailing drivers and the disruption caused to public transportation services. It is imperative for all parties involved to engage in meaningful discussions with the hope of reaching a consensus that promotes peaceful coexistence. It safeguards the interests of both taxi operators and e-hailing drivers.


The outcome of this meeting holds significant importance, as it has the potential to shape the future of the relationship between these rival groups. Finding common ground and establishing a framework for cooperation is essential to ensure the transportation industry’s smooth functioning and guarantee commuters’ safety and convenience.

As the meeting approaches, stakeholders and the public eagerly await the outcome, hoping that it will pave the way for a peaceful resolution and establish a sustainable coexistence model between minibus taxis and e-hailing drivers.

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Photo: Facebook / @Uncedo Service Taxi association (National)

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