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Tembisa Residents Demand New Accommodation Threaten Protest



tembisa residents -Tembisa Residents Demand New Accommodation Threaten Protest

In Johannesburg, a group of Tembisa residents who were forcefully evacuated from illegally occupied land by the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) are not passively accepting their removal. Faced with their current situation, the residents have expressed their determination to take action and protest if the municipality fails to provide them with alternative accommodation as reported by Briefly.

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The evacuation saw hundreds of dwellers being removed from municipal-owned land located in the Johannesburg East Township, specifically near the R21 highway. This land is under the ownership of the City of Ekurhuleni, situated across a busy road, as reported by EWN.

The residents were given a clear directive to dismantle their structures, which had been unlawfully erected near a railway track, and to vacate the land by Saturday, 6 August.

However, the displaced residents are not content with this outcome and have voiced their dissatisfaction with the municipality’s approach to their predicament. They argue that the municipality needs to show more interest in relocating them to another piece of land where they can rebuild their homes. This lack of responsiveness has caused growing discontent among the affected residents, prompting them to demand an alternative solution.


One of the residents warned the authorities that their demands should not be ignored. The sentiment among the displaced community members is that they have no other viable options and no alternative places to go. Financial constraints further exacerbate the situation, as many of the residents need the means to purchase houses elsewhere. Therefore, their protest should come as no surprise to the municipality, given the perceived lack of support and options provided to them.

The situation in Tembisa has become tense and charged as the residents respond actively to their eviction from illegally occupied land. Their determination to protest stems from the municipality’s apparent disinterest in offering them alternative accommodation options. With their lives disrupted and uncertain, the displaced residents are united in their plea for a more favourable resolution to their housing predicament.

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