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Chikunga Optimistic: Trains Poised to Regain Prominence in Public Transport



backbone of public transportation

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga expresses confidence that trains will again become the backbone of public transportation. Per EWN, The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has gradually reopened 31 of its 40 corridors nationally, which were shut down following infrastructure theft and vandalism. On Friday morning, Chikunga and PRASA board members took a train from the recently revived Nancefiled station in Soweto to Park station in the Johannesburg CBD. The rail network connecting Soweto to Park Station in the inner city of Johannesburg offers a cheap commute for workers and pupils.

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Figures from Stats SA show that the number of people who use trains daily has dropped by over 80% since 2013. Transport Minister Chikunga said that this form of public transportation would soon return to its former glory. “By providing affordable and efficient transportation options, we have empowered marginalised groups, improved access to opportunities, and fostered greater socio-economic inclusion.”

During the minister’s train ride on Friday morning, commuters expressed spending much less than they would when using taxis.

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