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WhatsApp Voice Note Verification: Tips to Avoid Misinformation



voice notes on WhatsApp

Social media users have been warned to beware when receiving voice notes on WhatsApp. Africa Check, a fact-checking organisation, alludes to the difficulty of verification presented by this communication medium.
They are increasingly used to spread false information.

The difficulty lies in determining the sender’s authenticity and the content’s accuracy. When encountering voice notes, the first step is to identify the sender. Scepticism is warranted if the sender remains anonymous or fails to provide credible identification.

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Even if a name or organisation is mentioned, verifying their credibility through online searches is essential. Moreover, users should listen carefully to the voice note’s content and cross-check any specific claims with reliable sources.

Context plays a crucial role in evaluating the accuracy of the information. Consider whether the content aligns with the purported sender’s behaviour or beliefs. Additionally, assess the potential motives behind creating or circulating fake voice notes, including financial gain, community engagement, or influencing public opinion.


By applying these verification techniques, users can more effectively navigate the landscape of misinformation on WhatsApp and prevent the spread of false information.

Source: How to verify voice notes on WhatsApp and avoid misinformation

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