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Gauteng Residents Feel the Tremors as Earthquake Shakes Parts of the Province



tremor in parts of gauteng

There was a tremor in parts of Gauteng in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The Council for Geoscience confirmed the event. According to Jacaranda FM, the seismic event was located south of Johannesburg, approximately 3 km north of Harmony’s Doornkop Gold Mine, according to a statement from the council. The earthquake registered a local magnitude of roughly 2.5, as recorded by the South African Seismograph Network. This incident marks the first quake in the province for 2024.

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In October of the previous year, an earth tremor was felt across various parts of Johannesburg. Additionally, in June 2023, a powerful tremor woke many South Africans, felt across large parts of Gauteng. The public is encouraged to share their experiences using the available online questionnaire.

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Picture: Pixabay /Brett Hondow

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