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Johannesburg Shaken by Third Earthquake in Weeks, Authorities Investigate Possible Causes



A third earthquake has hit Johannesburg

A third earthquake has hit Johannesburg, marking the latest seismic event in a series that has left residents on edge. According to News24, the SA National Seismograph Network (SANSN) reported a magnitude 2.2 earthquake on Wednesday night just before 23:00 in the city’s southern region.

According to the Council for Geoscience (CGS), the earthquake’s epicentre was near Harmony Doornkop Gold Mine in Vlakfontein, Soweto. CGS spokesperson Mahlatse Mononela stated that the latest earthquake was “probably a mine-induced one,” prompting further investigation into the potential causes.

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Just last week, another earthquake originating from the southern area of Johannesburg startled residents. The SANSN recorded its magnitude as approximately 2.1, with the epicentre identified in the Soweto area, as confirmed by the CGS. These recurring seismic events have raised concerns among the community about their frequency and implications.

In a previous incident on 11 June, the CGS confirmed an earthquake originating from the Boksburg area in the East Rand, measuring a significant magnitude of 4.4 on the Richter scale. The occurrence of three earthquakes in such a short period has sparked a sense of urgency among authorities and researchers working diligently to understand the underlying causes and assess potential risks to the population.


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In light of these events, CGS spokesperson Mahlatse Mononela encourages the public to contribute to the ongoing research by sharing their experiences through an online questionnaire. The information provided by the residents could prove valuable in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the impact and scope of these earthquakes.

As the investigations continue, Johannesburg remains vigilant, with local authorities closely monitoring the situation and disseminating relevant updates to keep the public informed and prepared for any future seismic activities.

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Picture:  Pixabay / Angelo Giordano

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