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Trevor Noah Hops into Fan’s Car to Beat Johannesburg Traffic



Trevor Noah jumped into a fan's car

Trevor Noah jumped into a fan’s car. The comedy maestro and former host of “The Daily Show” had this unexpected adventure en route to a radio interview this week, which played out live on air.

According to NME, Noah was due for a morning chat on the 947 radio station in Johannesburg. However, his journey to the studio took an amusing twist due to traffic woes and an unusual altercation between a cyclist and a taxi driver.

Noah did his hilarious reporting as he frantically made his way to the studio. “There’s a bicycle fighting with a taxi driver” to the show’s hosts, remarking that this bizarre scene wasn’t part of the regular traffic report. Since he was going to be late, he decided to enlist the help of a passerby.

“I’m gonna get in with some guy,” Noah announced.

Sharing his ordeal after finally arriving at the studio, Noah laughed, “The driver I’m with doesn’t know where we’re going. So I jump out of the car, said I’m gonna run.”


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During his sprint to the studio, passersby recognised him and offered support. “While I’m running, people are in the street – listening to your show – [are] hooting and shouting ‘Trevor it’s the other way! You’re going the wrong way, Trevor!’”

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan stopped to lend a hand. “Then one guy decides to stop. He doesn’t just point, he stops the car. He says ‘Trevor, get in.’ Then he took me to the wrong building!” Noah chuckled.

A station staff member located him and guided him to the studio, where he got cheers and applause.

In 2015, Trevor Noah became the host of “The Daily Show”, following Jon Stewart. Noah began his stand-up career in South Africa. He was the first SA stand-up comedian on “The Tonight Show” in 2012 and “The Late Show With David Letterman” in 2013. He has also appeared on UK shows like QI and Eight Out Of Ten Cats.


Noah reflected on his departure from “The Daily Show” in 2022. He expressed his gratitude for the incredible journey. He said, “It’s been absolutely amazing.” But he felt it was time to move on.

Trevor Noah fans can anticipate his return later this year with his new podcasting adventure with Spotify. He will host a weekly podcast as part of an exciting deal with the platform.

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