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Tshwane Embraces Urban Revival for Festive Season Transformation



urban revival

Tshwane gears up for an urban revival this festive season, focusing on the visual enhancement of the city in collaboration with its partners.

Recently, the metro has directed its efforts toward key areas such as Mamelodi, the CBD, and Centurion. The comprehensive initiative involves essential services like grass-cutting, pothole-filling, road-marking, repairing street lights, and clearing illegal dumpsites.

Mayor Cilliers Brink emphasises that this work is part of the broader urban management plan, gradually unfolding to identify and prioritise significant routes, public spaces, parks, and buildings within the city.


In late September, the metro initiated plans to partner with Gauteng social development and NGOs to address park vagrancy, particularly in the inner city. Their collaboration aims to introduce mobile showers and toilets in inner-city parks for homeless individuals, addressing health and safety hazards posed by homelessness and drug use.

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This proactive measure led to concerns regarding park fires, pollution, biodiversity loss, safety, and vandalism. Moreover, the presence of vagrants was linked to suspicions of housebreaking, and locals expressed concerns about the impact on property values.

Mayor Brink notes a visible difference in Region 3 around Fountains Circle, where grass-cutting and cleanup have occurred. Specific repairs have improved traffic flow and reduced frustration for motorists.

Ward 59 councillor Shuan Wilkinson, present at the Fountain Circle cleanup, underlines the historic significance of this area in Pretoria. It is a gateway and landmark with historical, architectural, and symbolic value. The urban revival initiative, especially at Fountains Circle, is vital to revitalising its grandeur and restoring its role as an impressive entry point to the Capital City.


Mayor Brink highlights substantial progress in repairing 755 out of 988 reported water leaks in Centurion, Region 4. Activities like grass-cutting, pothole patching, and road marking have been executed on Atterbury and Tsamaya roads in Mamelodi. Inner-city areas, including Tshwane House, have also undergone significant improvements, acknowledging their importance as high-impact zones where people converge for work, meetings, and business.

Source: Tshwane implements urban revival this festive season

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