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MIWA Urges Drivers to Verify Their Vehicle Lights



vehicle lights

The Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) urges all drivers to prioritise checking their vehicle lights as winter approaches. Dewald Ranft, MIWA’s chairperson, highlights the importance of this practice, particularly in light of unpredictable factors like load-shedding schedules and vandalised streetlights.

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Ranft emphasises that functional vehicle lights and proper usage can significantly reduce the risk of accidents on the roads. He suggests using accredited MIWA workshops for any necessary repairs or replacements and ensuring the use of long-lasting light bulbs.

Ranft concludes by reminding motorists to prioritise road safety and responsibility and emphasising the importance of everyone arriving safely at their destinations.

Source: MIWA urges all drivers to check their lights


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Picture: Unsplash / Samuel-Elias Nadler

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