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Parents Call for Closure of Illegal School in Nellmapius




The concerned parents in Nellmapius are calling for an immediate closing of an illegal school, Saint Ignatius College, operated from an RDP house in Nellmapius Extension 7. A Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson said the school in question cannot be independent as such institutions are not registered given the operation of this school. Based on the news, the institution came into existence about seven months ago, and it was opened to learn up to Grade 11, although the classrooms were overcrowded. The issue of genuine school operation is questioned in this case as neighbours even claim that it has nothing to do with the residents and that the institution is a “phoney school.”

Steve Mabona, the GDE representative, reminds schools to watertight their registrations with the department independently if they wish to continue being schools. From an educational point of view, schools without registration are considered illegal. He told us how key an EMIS certificate is; it is everyone’s proof as a school that we have all the requirements and are in line with all the country’s regulations. Adhering to the rules is a law and may lead to a court-martial or even a prison sentence.

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Residents, along with Shirley, had been asking the school to be transparent in its operation within the community for a long time because not all the people there knew the intended aims of the school. This civil society pushes for government responsibility and adequately implemented supervision of regulations so illegal schools won’t be run secretly. Councilor Joel Masilela quickly spared the rod but pleaded for strictly fulfilling zoning rules and subsidiary educational regulations.

The police department committed its focus on demolishing illegal schools via the Operation Vala initiative, the attempt of which she expounds upon. We pursue the program of finding the blacklisting of unauthorised schools and going ahead to closure while supporting the learners that are pocketed in legal educational institutes. The department, however, will keep reminding private and public schools to resume their accreditation and comply to maintain and protect the quality of the rights of the learners in Gauteng.


Source: Parents demand illegal school in Nellmapius to be shut down

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