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Fake news alert: Viral image of Vladimir Putin wishing Jacob Zuma a happy birthday turns out to be a total hoax!



Vladimir Putin did not wish Jacob Zuma happy birthday

Social media users should be aware of a recent post claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin wished former South African President Jacob Zuma a happy 81st birthday during a live TV announcement in April 2023. However, this claim is entirely false, and no evidence supports it. Additionally, the image used in the post is fake and appears to be a screenshot from a live TV news address by Putin. The headline is highly suspicious and reads, “VLADIMIR PUTIN WISHES JACOB ZUMA A 81TH BIRTHDAY.”

Remembering that images can be easily manipulated is crucial, and using reverse image search tools can help uncover the truth. In this case, a reverse image search revealed that the original photo of Putin was from February 2022, during his speech about recognising the independence of Ukrainian separatist regions. This speech made no mention of Zuma or his birthday. Therefore, it is essential to check the authenticity of posts before sharing them on social media to prevent the spread of false information.

Source: Fact checked: Vladimir Putin did not wish Jacob Zuma happy birthday

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Picture: Twitter / VictorKanyense

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