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Express Your Concerns at the Upcoming Combined Sectors Meeting with CPF



CPF combined sectors meeting

Engage with your community and voice your concerns at the upcoming CPF combined sectors meeting in Brakpan. This crucial gathering, scheduled for February 5 at the Brakpan Baptiste Kerk, welcomes the participation of local CPF members, SAPS, municipal officials, councillors, and community members.

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The primary objective of the meeting is to delve into discussions on crime and community-related issues. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to introduce the CPF sector board members, SAPS sector managers, metro representatives, and councillors to the public.

Take part in this community-driven initiative from 18:45 for 19:00 at the church, conveniently located along Mitchell Crescent in Brenthurst. Your active involvement is essential for making a meaningful impact.

Source: Raise your concerns at CPF combined sectors meeting


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