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Over 2.3 Million Registered Voters in Johannesburg Prepared for Elections



voters in johannesburg

The IEC announced that there are already over 2.3 million registered voters in Johannesburg. According to Joburg Newsroom, women comprise the majority of registered voters, and the 30 – 39 age group is the most active. Notably, voter registration among the younger generation is lower than in the older age groups. In contrast, older demographics exhibit higher registration rates.

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Nationally, over 27 million individuals are registered to vote, with Gauteng accounting for over 6.5 million registered voters. Moses Pitso, IEC’s Head of Outreach and Communication, emphasizes three key points for voters: the participation of independent candidates, the necessity to vote at registered stations, and the issuance of three ballot papers representing different government levels.

As voter rolls close, Johannesburg’s diverse electorate is poised to shape the political landscape. To learn more, visit for voter education.

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