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Recovered: Hijacked VW Polo from Gauteng Health Staff Found with Altered Plates



VW Polo

Gauteng police swiftly recovered a hijacked Gauteng health department’s vehicle, a VW Polo, which was taken at gunpoint during a household visit by the ward-based primary healthcare outreach team in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria. IOL reports that the incident occurred as the healthcare officials were conducting routine visits when two gunmen approached, hijacked the state vehicle, and robbed them of personal belongings, including cell phones and cash. Later in the day, the South African Police Service located the white Volkswagen Polo sedan at Extension 11 in Mamelodi, which was already equipped with fake number plates.

The provincial health department promptly opened a case of robbery and theft at the Mamelodi East police station in response to the incident. Counselling was arranged for the affected staff members targeted during the hijacking. This attack coincides with the department’s efforts to strengthen its outreach program. This program aims to improve access to health services in previously disadvantaged areas, including:

  • townships, 
  • informal settlements, and 
  • hostels. 

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Despite these challenges, the department emphasises the need for a collective effort where communities collaborate closely with law enforcement to combat attacks on healthcare workers.

The repeated attacks on healthcare staff have led the provincial health department to condemn such crimes strongly. The department calls on communities to take a stand against these attacks, highlighting the severe impact on sustaining health services in affected communities. Last year, a similar incident was reported involving a Gauteng Emergency Medical Services crew who were hijacked, kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed while responding to what seemed to be a distress call near Mamelodi. The department remains committed to expanding services to communities. Still, it stresses the importance of community collaboration and support for the safety of healthcare workers.

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