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After Tragic Drowning Incident, Laerskool Queenswood Allegedly Urges Parents and Pupils to Refrain from Public Comments



learner who drowned

Amidst the incident involving a learner who drowned, a parent asserts that the school urged both pupils and the deceased’s parents to abstain from making public statements. EWN reports that the distressing occurrence centred around 12-year-old Latoya Temilton, who tragically drowned during a leadership camp organised by the school last Saturday. Despite the gravity of the situation, parents of camp participants allegedly only received an indemnity form on the day of the camp, as disclosed by an unidentified parent speaking on 947. The parent contended that the school’s principal initially disseminated misleading information, falsely claiming that the child had fallen and hit her head—a narrative later debunked. Additionally, the parent made allegations that two teenage boys were assigned the task of retrieving the deceased’s body from the pool, with one expected to perform CPR.

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On the fateful day of the tragedy, Temilton’s parents received a call from the school’s principal, who initially furnished inaccurate details about the incident. The concerned parent, divulging information on 947, voiced dissatisfaction with handling the situation, underscoring the absence of prior communication and transparency.

Matome Chiloane, the Gauteng Department of Education MEC, expressed profound sadness and extended condolences to the grieving family and the school community. MEC Chiloane underscored the department’s dedication to conducting an independent investigation to ascertain the precise circumstances of the tragedy. The police have initiated an investigation into the incident, as confirmed by the education department, to explain the circumstances surrounding the learner’s drowning.

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