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Welfare Organisations Face Funding Reductions



welfare bodies

Many welfare bodies face diminishing financing as organisations see the cuts of their allocated funds getting substantially cut.

As an illustration, Greater Benoni Child Welfare demonstrated that two-thirds of its SLA funding was cut. At the same time, most service providers face the same fate, making it hard for them to engage in family support programs.

The Greater Benoni Child Welfare Organisation, whose director is Vanessa Carelse, cannot accept applicants looking for critical services due to a drastic cut in its funding.

Still, despite several meetings with the DSD (Department of Social Development), no action has been taken regarding this financial hardship.

Carelse explained that DSD has called for the same 70% reduction but without any discussions as per the MoU clause.


Established the rhythm shift schedule for social workers but had to postpone the office hours.

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Nevertheless, the impending reduction might arise if the DSD cannot afford its support in time, impacting mainly on the section that depends most on the organisation’s services.

Simultaneously, Actonville Child and Family Welfare is fighting a similar battle.

Yussuf Bhayat, through the society, narrated the inequalities in SLA and the process of distributing provisions with DSD.


Getting the community to support these organisations in their essential activities, individuals are urged to contact these organisations directly via the Greater Benoni Child Welfare and the Actonville Child and Family Welfare Society.

As Themba Gadebe, the spokesperson for the MEC of the Gauteng Department of Social Development (GDSD), revealed, the department was inundated with funding applications that far outweighed its limited budget.

Nevertheless, balancing between equity and allocation of funds when, on the other hand, we have to manage these funds responsibly is not an easy task.

Source: Welfare bodies see funding cut

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Picture: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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